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    Like all industries, the construction industry is evolving. Creativity in business is the hallmark of successful companies and the modern construction company is no exception.

    Canaveral Construction has continually expanded its technical expertise to give its clients the most flexibility possible in obtaining their contracting goals. In times past, there was only one method of project delivery – a competitive bid of owner-supplied design documents. Today, there are three main project delivery methods: Competitive Bid, Construction Management, and Design-Build.

    • Competitive Bid – Though a tried and true project delivery method, competitive bid has characteristics which may be somewhat detrimental in certain situations. Limitation of competition is frequently not allowable, exposing the client to the full spectrum of construction subcontractor philosophies, not all of which are in the client’s best interest. Though this delivery method is rapidly being replaced by the other two for a variety of reasons, Canaveral Construction continues to provide its clients with the very best in competitive bid general contracting services.
    • Construction Management – This project delivery method includes contractor involvement at all phases of the project – Design, Pre-Construction and Construction. At the Design Phase, this contractor involvement provides the client with construction-perspective oversight and analysis of the client-provided design and input which frequently saves money through value engineered materials, means, and methods. During the Pre-Construction Phase, the contractor acts as an agent of the owner to solicit bids, qualify vendors, and assemble a “Guaranteed Maximum Price” for the construction of the project. By involving the contractor, (or the “Construction Manager” as the contractor is termed) in the Design and Pre-Construction Phases of the project, the Construction Phase is transformed into an inherently non-adversarial, free-flowing and successful completion of the project.
    • Design-Build – Again, this project delivery method includes contractor involvement at all phases of the project, similar to that experienced in a Construction Management project. However, in Design-Build the actual responsibility for the design documents is that of the contractor, not the owner. The contractor develops the design utilizing client-specified parameters, presenting and reviewing the design at multiple stages to insure continuous adherence to the owner’s requirements. The remainder of the project is then released for bid and construction much the same as in a Construction Management project.

    Canaveral Construction has honed its expertise in all three of these major project delivery methods. Of particular interest however, Canaveral has enjoyed the Construction Management and Design-Build approaches due to the fact that the more services we are called upon to provide, the more we are able to provide our clients with a total construction experience which is pleasant, satisfying and successful.

    Canaveral Construction has performed nearly two hundred projects since our inception. We are fortunate to have continuing contracts including design-build with clients such as NASA and several municipal clients for construction management and design-build services for which we are often called upon. By providing all of our clients the flexibility of these contracting options, they are able to conserve their resources and “leave the (project) driving to us”.